August 26, 2012

Captivity or a bird cage at the artprize contest

I interviewed Artist Singh today

Question 1. Why do you exactly call this piece Captivity?

Answer:  It is a state of being confined, enslaved, imprisoned or being held. In this project I am trying to project that how we become captive towards certain ideas in life.  It not only relates to captive animals, but also the fact that we are held captive by our own fears.

Question 2. Why did you decide to make a "Bird Cage"?? why not something else??
  Answer:                   I think its symbolic enough, dont you think ?

Question 3. Are there gonna be birds in the cage ?
Answer:  I dont know... no.

Question 4. How many subjects are going to be installed for all 19 days of Art Prize?
Answer:   19 subjects.... each day has its own subject matter with a different installation. In other words what you saw today will NOT be there the next day but there will be a picture collage of the previous days that people can see.