Day 1
This installation depicts the irony of the tyrant Saddam Hussein by hanging that was carried out from a military base called Camp Justice. Was this just a revenge killing? Did this resolve Iraq’s leadership problem? Was Saddam captive to the idea of dictatorship? George W. Bush had mentioned that he wished the execution “had gone on in a more dignified way.”After all it was mob justice.

Day 2
Chilled Monkey Brain
In this installation we see the grotesque sight of chilled monkey brains, for some this beautiful creature is worshiped for its intelligence and power.While on the other hand these creatures are hunted and killed for the mere delicacy of their brains. It’s been known to have been eaten cooked, raw, and fresh from the skull.How would you like yours served.

Day 3
Rape of Oprah Winfrey
In this installation we see rape of an American legend. She revealed on her TV show that she was raped at an early age by family members. This is not just an occurrence. It happens very often were children get molested or raped by family members.What captivates these individuals to do such a heinous act?

Day 4
Religion for many is captivating.This installation shows religious symbol which captivates its followers. Hindus view the lingam as a symbol of divine energy rather than as a sexual symbol.Are they captive or is this idea Captivating?

Day 5
Toilet- Sculpture
The Toilet...by definition is not a pleasant place. This pornographic toilet is a representation of our ideology of life and paths we choose justifying right and wrong in the most extreme and thought provoking way.

Day 6
In many ancient and current cultures, the killing of innocent baby girls is permissible due to the low value associated with females. Male dominant societies men bring money and power to families while girls are a burden. This phenomenon remains a major concern in China and India were they still practice this selective killing.

Day 7
My Son is a Suicide Bomber
This installation art piece shows a disturbing image of a young child dressed in a suicide bomber outfit.This is one child that represents the many who have their childhood stolen for reasons of war and martyrdom. For some this is a captivating idea were family members are sacrificed for the sake of religion.

Day 8
Catholic Priest
The criminals have found a place to hide and it’s the church. This art piece may seem heuristic, but this installation only touches the surface of the situation, while these children have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Just to be captivated by The CATHOLIC PRIEST.

Day 9
This installation shows the love affair between man and a beast. This practice of sexual activity between humans and non-human animals is not outlawed in some countries. The phenomenon of sexual intercourse with animals is not new. Instances of this behavior have been found in the Bible and holy temples in India.

Day 10
Alternative Lifestyle
This Installation art piece is a representation of unrestrained sexual pleasure between a group of men and women.The sexual pleasures are holding them captive to their surroundings as they grow deeper into the ecstasy they are creating.To some this is a captivating lifestyle to others it may be a fantasy that captivates their imagination.

Day 11
Octomom 2.0
The mother of the new century is depicted in this installation as Octomom 2.0. Her irresponsibility and fourteen kids have turned her fifteen minutes of fame into a new career in adult entertainment.What are your limits as a mother? Is there any limit to providing for your children?

Day 12
Jesus Loves
In this piece, Jesus, Gandhi and Hitler are shown together as symbolic reference for existence of love.This installation represents how love and tolerance is not only for the good but also for the bad in the world. Does Love keep you captive?

Day 13
Osama bin Laden
This installation shows the ironic end of Osama bin Laden’s attack on America.He turned from being the hunter and luring in the U.S. in a war against Jihadists, to being the Most Wanted Terrorists list of the world.This earned him an unpleasant end and resting spot.Or is he still out there?

Day 14
Pregnant Children
A child pregnant is a tragic and painful situation that has sadly become more and more frequent in the lives of our children. This piece of art embodies the struggles and captivating horrors of this shame.But for some it is a beautiful miracle of life?

Day 15
Child marriage
Arab and Altaic cultures are often captive to the idea of child marriage. Yemeni law allows girls of any age to wed. There are laws defining the minimum age in Saudi Arabia as young as eight years.

Day 16
Iran vs. America
The world is captive to the fact that America is powerful nation. This very idea is presented in the installation—President Obama holding a bomb represents that very captive idea of power.

Day 17
Temple of Kama sutra
When you are captive to the idea of sex and pleasure it is hard to ignore the world’s most famous sex book—Kama Sutra. Find this captive ideology on the walls of Indian temples and don’t be surprised if you read—sex and nudity is purity.

Day 18
Last Supper
This supper has been eaten by many. Bill Clinton had it, Newt Gingrich had it, and Sandusky had it up to his neck. These are the men presented in this painting fulfilling their captive sexual desires, they risked it all.