September 20, 2012

Artist Singh burns all his art in protest

Artist SinGh burns all his art in protest that he made for the Artprize 2012

I have failed to negotiate with big establishment like BOB and artprize. It is unfortunate that I did not get any support from the Artprize. G Gilmore took away all my privileges at the BOB to show my art and he have shut me down at his venue, I am left with no option but to walk away from the art prize altogether. I urge the art prize to kick the venue out like the BOB that have double standards about art. If they want to be moral police censoring art they should get out of art business.

I will not take part in the art prize if the BOB and the artprize did not apologize to me for damages they have caused.

And to protest on this issue I am going to burn all me art works that was suppost to be show in the show hoping this pave the way to for the future artist and for their freedom to do art.

I urge all my fellow the artists and my supporters all over the world not to give up hope and fight for freedom of expression of an artist. This time establishment has won but in future I would like to see artists win.