September 09, 2012

14. 911

This installation shows the tragedy that befell America on 911.  We can see and feel a remnant of what happened that day, though it may be just a memory we are held captive by it.


This installation shows the ironic end of Osama bin Laden’s attack on America.  He turned from being the hunter and luring in the U.S. in a war against Jihadists, to being the Most Wanted Terrorists list of the world.  This earned him an unpleasant end and resting spot.  Or is he still out there?

16. OIL

In this work we see an example of a captor of many things.  The oil “GODS” if you will, hold captive the people of the world through their oil prices while leaving dying creatures of the sea to perish from many of their “accidents”.  

17. Chilled Monkey Brain

In this installation we see the grotesque sight of chilled monkey brains, for some this beautiful creature is worshiped for its beauty and power.  While on the other hand these creatures are hunted and killed for the mere delicacy of their brain. It’s been known to have been eaten chilled, raw, and fresh all straight from the skull.  How would you like yours served.

Octo mom 2.0

artist singh octo mom 2.0
octo mom is shown here give birth to 8 children.
Octo mom by artist singh

octo mom giving birth by artist singh

Octo mom giving birth to 8 children by artist singh

shivlingam by Artist SinGh

Here is the rough and unfinished Shiv Lingam
shivlingam  by artist singh


  • shiv lingam by artist singh