June 26, 2013

Understand Captivity

Artist Singh's "Captivity" at the Artprize

The project was aimed to encourage peace, freedom, and nonviolence in day-to-day life.  Singh’s intent is to inspire many to break away from these captive ideas of life because they are horrific in nature. Artist Singh’s “Captivity” was an installation art piece that explores human behavior, lack of renounced order of life, imprisonment and not able to see as things they are. The focal point of this project was a Bird Cage 16 foot in diameter and 25 feet tall. The cage was equipped with curtains to cover more horrific elements of my art and have an entry via will. The show was cut off by the Gilmores and was not given any opportunity or second chance to understand the inmost and core philosophy behind it.  It was a conversational piece to make visitors ask yourselves what holds them captive.
“I very well had the opportunity to sue Greg Gilmore for his act. But I soon realized that it is against my principles and the message that I am giving via my art. My mission is not all about making money but it is to make Art. Singer and Song writer “John Kite” wrote a song on me that explains who really is in captivity. As an artist I feel: “The art is dead when an artist holds himself down from the fear of public scrutiny”